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[NO SOURCING] Looking for a novel research chemical that is related to opioids/opiates that aren't controlled and not fent derivatives.

2022.01.16 18:11 Pure-Foundation2198 [NO SOURCING] Looking for a novel research chemical that is related to opioids/opiates that aren't controlled and not fent derivatives.

Having a hard time with my research on this particular group of RCs, usually I have no problem figuring others out on my own but it is nearly impossible to tell what I'm looking for. I'd say I'm still a novice when it comes to RCs but on the same token I've done quiet a bit of research with others like FluAlp, etc.
Anyone have a favorite opiate RC? AGAIN I don't want any sources whatsoever, thanks.
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2022.01.16 18:11 mikeboatman Philly Pen Show is over, but at least I got some great stuff and spent time with amazing people.

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2022.01.16 18:11 Kal-Kestis Spider-man no way home tattoo by Ailie at Blancolo, Glasgow

Spider-man no way home tattoo by Ailie at Blancolo, Glasgow submitted by Kal-Kestis to tattoo [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:11 rosieclark_ Check

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2022.01.16 18:11 CrazyPieoftheJungle 17M need chat buddies 😁

Hey! I’m actually 16 but gonna be 17 REALLY soon Hmu! Need new chat buds
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2022.01.16 18:11 Spent85 Can I Do Better? A Question on Billing

Hi Folks,
I've been with Freedom since the WIND days, things have sure come a long way! For the past few years I've been on the Promo Everywhere 60 8GB with a 25% discount. After tax each month comes out to 50.85.
I'm wondering if anyone knows of better options either with Freedom or another provider. I do business with a lot of American clients, so having USA calling is a must for me. I'm just tired of playing the "am I in network range" game every time I decide to travel (not much lately, thanks COVID!).
US Data roaming doesn't matter much to me as I go to the USA maybe once every few years.
Anyone who has a suggestion to bring down my bill further, or make it the same with some better options I'm all ears for.
Outside of the zone seemingly not growing fast enough, I have no problems with Freedom. There are the rare days service is spotty or out, but it's head and shoulders over the WIND headaches. However, I also know in recent years the competition has become more stiff, so I come to ask you experts if I can // should be getting a better deal either with Freedom or a competitor.
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2022.01.16 18:11 iccaecumsa $RFD | Ruffian Doge | King of Doge rewards 7% Reflections, Just Launched, Coin Gecko, CMC coming soon 💎x1000 GEM

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Telegram: https://t.me/Ruffian_Doge
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2022.01.16 18:11 Puzzleheaded-Set-297 Please help.

Hello everyone, so about a week ago I noticed that my PC was making a coil whine like sound whenever I would stress my computer playing games, etc. I never had any GPU coil whine before, so I took out my GPU and turned my PC back on and the same noise would happen. It sounds like an electric crackling, squealing and it still occurs even when I’m not under heavy load, it’s just WAY louder under load. After taking out the GPU and still hearing the sound, I tried turning off all fans for a few seconds and the noise still happend so I knew it wasn’t my fans or my GPU. Only thing I could think of after that was my power supply, so I ordered a new EVGA 600w gold psu and it came in today. Took my old one out, put the new one in, started it up, and THE NOISE IS STILL FUCKING HAPPENING?? Wtf could this be. Sounds identical to coil whine or a broken fan bearing, But I’ve Stopped fans, replaced the PSU, and I know for a fact it’s not my GPU. WTF? Is it my motherboard? Bad capacitor maybe? I’m pissed because I just spent 80$ and waited 5 days just to find out it wasn’t my PSU. I’m not the most tech savy, but when I try to localize the sound it seems to be coming from my CPU? I’ve done research and I know it’s not possible for the CPU to make a noise like that, but that’s where it sounds like it’s coming from. Any info helps, this shit is really stressing me out.
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2022.01.16 18:11 azhazhel How to make guitar slide effect in a DAW?

Is it possible? Is there a vst/plugin or native instrument that can do something like that? This slide with a metal thing on the finger? I just love this sound but don't know how to do it digitally. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.16 18:11 Evil-Zelda I’ve spent five hours on this sub today. Why?

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2022.01.16 18:11 tantilizingdinner42 Mods please remove this post

They claim to have been "discussing my posts and comments" and that I "constantly post Covid misinformation" yet provided no information of which posts/comments constitute misinformation LOL. Also, my first 'misinfomration' warning was for citing data from a peer-reviewed article.
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2022.01.16 18:11 Best_Mage_1880 Should they add a self revive kit in the drone store?

It's 2050. We don't have a self revive kit because...? It only makes sense. Let's get one
View Poll
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2022.01.16 18:11 capriolib Why is my child a literal crumb snatcher?

I’m talking surfing the ground for small pieces of anything to put in mouth. Help! I vacuum and sweep all day.
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2022.01.16 18:11 hello12445 Brock ended up taking both their titles! But Seth managed to get his back...

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2022.01.16 18:11 fnnkybutt This season's highest score - for once, it's something I might actually wear! Looking forward to seeing everyone's!

This season's highest score - for once, it's something I might actually wear! Looking forward to seeing everyone's! submitted by fnnkybutt to pocketstyler [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:11 nimzz_1124 Monteverde location Hotel/Airbnb recommendations?

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2022.01.16 18:11 FireStrikeTW I received this controller and one of the triggers felt like it was hitting something. After further inspection it’s missing a rubber strip as shown. Is it possible to find one of these online or is there a way to DIY this?

I received this controller and one of the triggers felt like it was hitting something. After further inspection it’s missing a rubber strip as shown. Is it possible to find one of these online or is there a way to DIY this? submitted by FireStrikeTW to consolerepair [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:11 RevolutionaryCake829 AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Live At River Plate, December 2009)

AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Live At River Plate, December 2009) submitted by RevolutionaryCake829 to kikizo [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:11 JTMediaowner 🎁Upvote and drop your address for 5ETH and more giveaways🎁

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2022.01.16 18:11 hamoodie052612 (WTB) type 1 RMR with sealing plate (MI)

DM me!
Thanks to everyone that educated me on a previous post!
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2022.01.16 18:11 Mediocre-Ogre Is this an urgent concern?

36F, 140#, 59" tall, hydrochlorothiazide, nurtec, aimovig, and escitalopram. History of high blood pressure and chronic migraine.
My menstrual cycle is usually predictable and regular (5 day period/25 day cycle). My last cycle started 12/21, but was only 18 days long. Now, I'm on day 9 of period with no signs of stopping. I also have tenderness by my left ovary. Pregnancy test is negative. I've been running a fever intermittently for about 2 weeks. No weight loss, appetite comes and goes, and Tylenol helps with the fever.
I have a well woman visit scheduled for April. Should I reschedule for a sooner appointment?
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2022.01.16 18:11 haber-trend Sıcak! | Luyindama ile yollar ayrılıyor #Galatasaray #SüperLig #KongoDemokratikCumhuriyetimillifutboltakımı #Hatayspor #İstanbul son saatin en çok aranan 2. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 7 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.16 18:11 Darkly_Gathers An Elevator stands alone in the depths of the woods... Would anyone else like to know where it goes? [FINAL]

[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
…And as the scraping sounds are matched by a subtle, wet hiss… James lifts his flashlight up to the ceiling.
…The light lands on a warped monstrosity, creeping its way towards us in the darkness.

Terror strikes.

The creature is the mutated combination of two human corpses. Glued and merged and bound together by that vicious and terrible fungus… Cracked and twisted bodies into the shape of one enormous spider.
The spider’s eight limbs are the warped arms and legs of the two people. A man, and a woman.
…And the woman, I don’t fail to realize, is the young woman from the elevator. It’s her. From the picture.
The first ghost.
The spider has two fangs, and each one distends from the mouth of one of the corpses. Saliva drips to the floor, and pale yellow eyes glow all across the heads and necks of its host bodies.

Chaos takes hold, and with a scream I watch as Maya hauls the top drawer from the nearest metal filing cabinet. The motion disturbs the spider, and with a sickening and skin-crawling speed it scuttles across the ceiling to the opposite side of the room, being sure to keep us in its line of sight.
Maya flings the drawer with all her strength at the glass, and it strikes with a thud and causes an impact crack right in the centre.
There are two more drawers.
James grabs the middle one and sends papers spilling out over the floor. As the spider dares to creep down the wall towards us, James hurls the drawer right at its head; it hits with a wet squelch and with a hiss the spider retreats.
The final drawer I grab myself, using it like a club in the spot that Maya damaged the glass until it smashes through entirely. We stumble through the gap- James cuts himself a little on his leg as he does so- and we scramble back out into the main pool hall; a different section to the one we were in earlier.
“Over there!” James shouts, and we see a wide doorway in the side of one of the walls, tucked away into a corner. We head towards it, and I shoot a look back over my shoulder.
One of the spider’s legs emerges cautiously from behind the smashed glass. I catch a glimpse of cold, dead human fingers… bound together with fungus… and they grip carefully to the edge of the shattered glass…
…I turn away. Back to look the way that I am going.
“James, why this way?” I call ahead.
“This doorway is so much wider than the others… They must have needed a way to get all this stuff down here…” he replies, though I can’t tell if he’s talking to me, or to himself, as he takes us down a gloomy, fungus-lined corridor. Ignoring the smaller doors and tight corners, opting instead for the wide and open doorless arches.
“Surely…” he mutters, red in the face from the exhaustion and the humidity.
He leads us into the widest corridor so far. No tiles back here, just cold and emotionless concrete. There are a number of wooden boxes around, some small, some much larger…
“Please”, he murmurs, “please, please”…. And still we run, down the length of this corridor and into the darkness. Following the gentle glow of a tiny, blinking green light…
“AHA!” he shouts, the glee in his voice bursting through the fear. “YES! I WAS RIGHT! I-” he catches his breath as he skids to a halt. “-I always get there- in the end!”
We have come to a stumbling stop beside the thing that we’ve been looking for. Or one of the things, at least. Hope flares up inside me.
…It’s an elevator. A second elevator.
The doors to this one are much larger and wider than the previous, and James hastily presses the button as we look it over.
A whirring and a rumbling sounds up from beneath us… There is no LED above the elevator here to indicate what floor it’s on, so we just have to wait anxiously until that dutiful hiss, and the doors grind their way open.
The space is here is much larger than the one in ‘our’ elevator, and there’s no mirror along the walls either. We rush in and examine the buttons.
“Wait...” I say, “this doesn’t go up… it only goes… DOWN!”
And sure enough it looks like we have two options.
A button for -4; the floor’s we’re currently on, and a button for ‘-X’.
I look at the others.
“-X it is then, I guess”, I say quietly, and they nod grimly in response, elation already fast dissipating. I press the button and the doors slide slowly shut.
One more level to go.

Down, down, down.

But this is good, right? This is progress. We have confirmed the existence of other elevators. There WILL BE a way out. There has to be.
Our stomachs drop as the elevator accelerates down.

We are silent as it descends.

And when at last it opens we are met with another long corridor. Dark and, as with the level above, humid. Black mold creeps across the walls. The fungus is rife. I lift my shirt back up over my nose and mouth and we head out into the misery of the complex.
Directly opposite us is a similarly sized door to the elevator. Massive and shuttered off with metal. James checks all over this. Looking for buttons or ways to get it open. Clues or keypads… But he finds nothing.
Maya and I walk the length of the corridor. It narrows out pretty quickly. In one direction the passage quickly becomes lost to a jungle of fungus. It makes my skin crawl just looking down it. The other way is far clearer, so our route, really, is a no-brainer.
Once James has, frustrated, given up for now his assault on the metal barrier, we walk down this new corridor. It is lined with pipes and various valves, and is barely wide enough for two of us to walk side by side.
It snakes this way and that, sometimes stretching forwards in a completely straight line… But there are no doors. No off-shooting corridors or alternate routes…

…And at long last we are led to right back where we started.

There is a moment of painful tension, then James swears in frustration and kicks the wall. Maya slumps down against it.
…After all this way… We’ve just reached the elevator again.
The first one.
‘Our’ elevator.
After all that… We’ve just been led right back to the very same elevator. It’s Level ‘-X’ doors. Waiting for us. Taunting us.

Maya starts quietly sobbing.

Dazed and defeated, I turn to the right. There’s a doorway here and it leads into a gloomy and red-lit hall, so I head on through. Why the hell not. What will I find..?
“There’s no way out!” James shouts in despair. “THERE’S NO WAY OUT! HELP US! ANYONE! HOW DO WE GET OUT?”

My feet clank on metal mesh platform. Kind of like the platforms on the level above, though maybe a little thicker. I quickly reach a rail and put my hands on the bar, looking out over the edge.
Ahead and below, is the void.
Steam churns quietly all around us. Vents blast and puff out bursts of the stuff, and already I can feel myself sweating, worse than I did on the previous floor.
To my left the rail and the metal platform extends away into the darkness and the steam.
To my right, it widens out a little. Styrofoam has been piled high in here. Polystyrene, and cardboard too, now rotted. A dumping ground for waste and junk.
In amongst them and steadily grinding and humming are a series of generators. One has been dislodged from its location and leans at an awkward angle, the rest remain fixed in place.
These must be what continue to power the facility.
There are nine of them down here by my count, as I walk past them one by one, kicking aside some Styrofoam as I do. Two of them appear to be dead, but the remaining seven, including the one tipped at an awkward angle, all continue to blink and judder. Ancient, but powerful things. Keeping it all running, I guess. Still doing their jobs after their masters have long since departed. I take a look down over the rail again. Down into the great yawning chasm of nothingness below.
If I squint I feel like I can almost make out further platforms… dark and barely visible and way below… Covered in shifting, crawling shadowed shapes…
Unease takes hold and I retreat from the rail, suddenly nauseous.
Looking back to the doorway I see that I have been joined by James and Maya, both illuminated red in the faint blinking lights of the generators. They aren’t looking down, though. They’re looking up.

…I do likewise.

Above our heads and attached to the metal grids of the ceiling is an enormous, throbbing, fungal mass.
It is colossal.
The largest of them all, by far.
Bulging tentacle-like vines connect the mass to the metal overhead, and spread out wide like an intricate nervous system. Slime oozes down its sides.
The mass is covered with eyes. They stare in different directions, but stare they do. Some at James, some at Maya… and some at me.

Watching in the darkness.

I don’t feel afraid though, now. Perhaps I have exhausted my fear reserves.
I think about the ghosts. About the young woman. The picture I saw of her smiling with her colleagues. Her rotted corpse strung up and defiled into the fungal spider.
I think of the ghost of the man, too. I wonder now if perhaps that was him in the water. The slithering fish.

Please”, they had said.

And I decide, like a strike of lightning, on a course of action.
I turn from the monstrous fungus. This centrepiece of desolation. The Mother Mass. I run back across the platforms through the steam and return to the elevator, tearing off a piece of pre-damaged piping from the wall as I do so.
“Hey, Indy what are you doing?” James asks me, but I move past him into the corridor and press the button for the elevator.
My heart beats fast, but I feel better now than I have at any other point on this terrible, nightmarish night.
The elevator whirrs.
Its doors stand silent and still.
And then, with a soft ding, they open on up.
I look for the panel by the buttons. The one that says:
‘do not open/ engage prior to adequate shutdown. risk of fire. max weight 2,000 lbs/ 907 kg’.
…And I smash it, as hard as I can, with the pipe.

With the first hit the panel dents and little sparks fly from the cracks.
“Indy!” Maya asks after me, but she doesn’t try and stop me.
I smack the pipe against the panel again, and it cracks and dents further. More sparks fly.
“Maya grab some of the trash!” I shout over my shoulder. “The styrofoam!”
She does so at once. She knows what I’m trying to do. I’m not sure if James has caught on yet.
I hit it over and over; I pull at the exposed wires and smack it as hard as I can. I press the buttons on the elevator and the doors try to repeatedly judder closed, but I don’t let them. I keep forcing them back open even as I strike…
Maya returns and I jam a load of the drier cardboard and the sytrofoam into the open panelling.
“BURN!” I shout loud, with perhaps just a hint of madness in the edge of my voice, and lo and behold, it does.
Flames flicker out from the panel and I strike it again. The flames die down then burst out again, redoubled in size.
“What the hell are you doing?” James shouts with his hands on his head.
“We’re going to kill it, James!” I tell him. “The fungus. We’re going to BURN IT OUT! THIS ENDS!”
He stares at me as smoke starts to fill the compartment.
“Dislodge the generator!” I tell him as I encourage the fire to grow. Feeding it with trash as it burns brighter and brighter. “The one at the end, try to get it disconnected from the walls!”
James pauses, he looks like he’s going to question this. But then he just nods and takes off.
“Maya, keep it going! Burn it bigger and brighter! More and more!” I tell her, and she does as I say.
I run back to the metal platforms of Level -X, and with anger in my blood I clamber up onto the lowest of the rails that mark the platform’s edge, and I swing the pipe at the fungus again and again. Attacking what I have perceived to be its weak point. Where it looks the softest.
Sludge bursts from the mass’s sides and the eyes all swivel to stare right at me. Staring into my soul as it vibrates furiously in response.
Shadows move in the dark, and the fire and the flames burn larger.
I move forwards and backwards across the platform, grabbing up chunks of burning material and wedging them forcefully into the fungus’s sides. Right into the heart of the Mother Mass. Into the weak spot I tore out with the pipe.
The fungus twitches and pulsates violently with every burning strike… The first few flames are extinguished quickly in the mass’s moisture and ooze… but Maya joins in with my efforts, and as the edges of the fungus begin to dry and crack in the heat, the flames start to take hold. Smoke billows out from the elevator and up towards the ceiling…
…I glance up.
There’s an enormous hole in the metal roofing not far away, and this is where the smoke seems to congregate and climb on up, disappearing out of sight. I wonder idly if it might connect to that hole in the floor that Maya and I found on level -1… all those long, long hours ago.
The fungus thrums and throbs with rage. Its multitudes of horrendous eyes crack and melt in the searing heat as the fire begins to overtake it, and still Maya and I fan the flames. Burning trash is hurled right at it, stuffed into its sides… I scorch my hands a few times, but it doesn’t phase me. The pupils of the mass’s eyes all narrow as one. Staring out with rage at its assailants… But it is undefended, here. Down here in the dark.
And at last, with an unceremonious burst of green-gray ooze, the burning fungus disconnects from the ceiling. It hangs and swings by three thick, sticky threads… those tiny little worm-like tendrils flailing madly… Then two of those threads snap through and the fungus slams against the railing.
The final eye stares up at me as it is engulfed in flames, and the final thread snaps too.
Down goes the fungus.
A burning fireball in the darkness.

It illuminates in orange various pipes and platforms as it drops… we catch glimpses of terrible creatures lurking in the shadows, scampering away, fearful of the light…
…And at last it crashes into a platform far below us, still sizzling, still smoking.

But it isn’t enough.

We help James in the final stages of dislodging the generator, and with a great, combined effort… we tip the machine… this vital organ of the facility… down over the rails after it.
It too falls fast into the abyss, though its light is nowhere near as bright.
…Not until it strikes the smouldering fungus and the metal upon which is was cast.
The generator bursts into an intense explosion that sends a ripple of heat all the way back up towards us.. One that causes us to step back and shield our eyes.
And then for a while there is quiet. Just the sound of us three idiot teenagers catching our breath. The distant sizzling of the remains and ruins down below, and the flickering flames in the elevator behind us.
I cough through the smoke and start to kick and haul away the pieces of burning trash by the elevators edges.
I use the pipe to reach in and separate the materials, and then, sitting down on the metal mesh and close to the ground, we wait for the fires to burn themselves out.

I’d say it takes about fifteen minutes.

But at last the final flame dies out, leaving behind it a blackened and scorched and smoky elevator room, lined with ash and with wires sparking out from its panel.

“Do you think it’ll still work?” I ask Maya and James after a moment.
“Yeah”, says James. “I’m sure it will. Bit of fire damage? It ain’t nothing”.
“And even if it doesn’t”, Maya says. “We’ll find another way. We’ll for sure find another way out. We found another elevator, and we can do the same again”. She squeezes my hand.
“Okay”, I reply, with an exhausted smile. “Shall we give it a try, then?”
“Yeah”, James replies. “Let’s do this”.
So we clamber to our feet and into the elevator. The smoke has dispersed now, but it still reeks of ash and rot and burnt plastic. With another cough I glance to the others, and then carefully press the button to Floor 0.
There is silence for a second or two.

An unsettling grinding noise, as if the elevator is struggling with the request…

…But then, as is its purpose, it whirrs and rumbles, and the doors draw closed with a soft, familiar ‘ding’.

And up it goes.
Up, ascending through the darkness.
The LED flickers from -X to -4.
I shift from foot to foot. Waiting. Hoping.

Up from -4 to -3.
Higher still, from -3 to -2.

What’s going to happen? I think to myself. Will it take us back to surface?
Ascending… Up, and up…
And as it happens, it does not.
…Not yet, at least.

The LED flickers over from -2 to -1, and here the elevator decelerates. James grips one of my hands and my other takes Maya’s.
The elevator slows to a stop, and as before, it slowly whirrs open.
The lights blink and drop, and we are plunged temporarily into darkness.
…And when they return, we see ourselves in the reflection. The mirror wall that the opened doors of the elevator reveal to us.
It reflects the mirror behind us, and creates the illusion of a tunnel leading away into infinity.
…And in this tunnel, are almost three dozen people. Directly behind us are the young woman, and the man. And behind them are others. Dressed in lab coats and other such gear. It’s the group from the framed photograph we found on level -4. The ‘Final Line of Defense’…
They shimmer, and they smile.
Their eyes have not rotted around the sockets. They are as they were. At their best.

My heart beats fast, but I am not afraid.

Thank you’, mouths the ghostly young woman, and I smile at her.

The elevator doors to floor -1 whirr quietly closed of their own accord.
And at last, it whirrs on. Ascending.

Back up we go, to level 0.
Back to the forest.

And when the doors finally open we are rushed with a cool and glorious breath of fresh, forest air. It spills into the open compartment and we are illuminated in the light of the moon and stars, and our ghostly cohort stream steadily out through the doors.
In human forms, at first, but fading quickly into nothing more than silvery starlight they disperse into the air around us, and then they vanish peacefully away.
I don’t know quite what to say. I don’t think any of us do.
So we simply head on out, and back through the forest.
The leaves crunch beneath our feet, and I hear the sound of a soft ‘ding’ behind us, as the elevator doors whirr closed.
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2022.01.16 18:11 ulretsila the future is female acrylic on canvas painting

the future is female acrylic on canvas painting submitted by ulretsila to painting [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:11 thirstysyngonium Help with a food log

My doctor wants me to keep a food log and it has been extremely challenging for me to keep up. I have pretty severe depression currently and writing down all the stupid things I eat throughout the day is very difficult. Does anyone have any tips?
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