Let Me Be Myself

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2022.01.16 18:19 MizAzureSky8590 Let Me Be Myself

Dear TBM Friend,
I appreciate the concern you have for my happiness and salvation. Please know that I believe I am completely responsible for my own salvation, and that it’s between God and me, anyway. Please don’t cry for me. Your tears are a sweet, caring reflection of your concern, but they are wasted on me in this matter. Please don’t try to “reason with” me. I will not change your mind. Please don’t feel that your inability to get me to go back to church is a personal failure or shortcoming. It isn’t your fault. The blame sits squarely with TSCC. However, if you do genuinely care for me as a person, and consider me a good friend, then please continue to ask me to join you for lunch. Ask me to accompany you to a movie. Call me up just to chat. Don’t resort to punishing me or shunning me in the name of TSCC. I don’t deserve it just because I refuse to no longer allow myself to be bullied, manipulated, and abused. In every other respect, I’m still the same person who rooted for you when you graduated from university and who was there for you when you got married. I’m still the same person who held you and cried with you when you shattered after your miscarriage. I’m still the same person who loves you for the wonderful, intelligent, kind person that you are. Don’t ever change. However, all I ask is that continue to return that love and loyalty in kind. Things don’t need to change between us if we both remember why we became friends in the first place.
Sincerely, Your Friend Next Door
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2022.01.16 18:19 OldDogEyes My 2021 Delivery Stats - ran 3 apps -- DD was primary and UE and IC were secondary. I'm happy with my results, not asking for validation, just sharing...

My 2021 Delivery Stats - ran 3 apps -- DD was primary and UE and IC were secondary. I'm happy with my results, not asking for validation, just sharing... submitted by OldDogEyes to doordash [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:19 csrt357 (WTB) Tennessee Flag Patches 3x5 (TN)

Looking for 3x5” TN flag patches. Quantity of 2
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2022.01.16 18:19 Esdeath_The_Pirate Keep on stepping

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2022.01.16 18:19 geerlingguy Compact(ish) Mini ITX (or micro ATX) with 5 3.5" drive bays?

I'm planning on a relatively small build (no GPU card, no fancy high speed CPU and major cooling needs) with a mini ITX board, but want to add 5 3.5" hard drives.
I've seen either massive ATX towers, or 8/10/12 bay horizontal ITX NAS-style cases with drive trays, but I'd be okay with most anything that has at least one good size fan, and can hold 5 (worst case, maybe 4...) HDDs.
It seems like there's not as many options that aren't fairly massive, or I might just be looking in the wrong places.
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2022.01.16 18:19 Status-Chard6024 🎁 SolHands NFT GIVEAWAY (SOLANA)! Upvote and read 1st comment to join ! 🎁

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2022.01.16 18:19 Busy-Bonus3010 When we #safemoon on Twitter we should get a logo beside it like bnb & Bitcoin

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2022.01.16 18:19 rjraujika Would appreciate some help for this question please!

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2022.01.16 18:19 cosmoceans What is your opinion on cord cutting?

Hi all, I've been here a little while, getting help, and giving what advice I could, and I've noticed here and in subs like empaths and energy the topic of cord cutting tends to come up a lot. I've seen a lot of people asking and advise others to do a cord cutting ritual and I've seen a few different opinions on it, but I wanted to start an actual discussion about the pros and cons and the effects, and what your experiences have been with it.
A couple discussion starting questions to think about:
Is it ethical, is it something that should be done? Is it effective? What is the effect like if it is done successfully, and unsuccessfully? What are the often overlooked potential side effects? Does it create a wound? When is it appropriate/or why do you not reccomend it?
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2022.01.16 18:19 FSchmertz The Nice Guys

HBO should really consider doing a sequel to this.
I believe Warner Brothers released the original. And Shane Black would love to do it.
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2022.01.16 18:19 Kendrillion Drawn by 2shiroinu

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2022.01.16 18:19 Fnaf_Flower Please :P

Please :P submitted by Fnaf_Flower to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:19 nevermindever42 Is it true Russia has left alone russians in former soviet states?

There are many russians in states like Ukraine, Belarus etc who traveled to non-Russian SSR during the soviet times and now are often persecuted in countries they immigrated. Why isn't Russia actively promoting and supporting them to leave and travel back to Russia?
I mean something similar to how Israel or Germany does with their former affiliates/citizens. Or Russia doesn't care about these people outside Russia often with no citizenship or anything?
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2022.01.16 18:19 Icy_Palpitation_6835 [MULTIPOST UPDATE] Blending Lives & Next Stop: Marriage

Blending Lives
So I talked to SO about the house, my comfort here, my hopes, and what I can contribute. He is open to the idea of keeping our eye out for a home we can make ours in the same neighborhood. He is going to move forward with upgrades to his house with this in mind, and we are also working on getting the kids ready to move their bedroom downstairs. It is currently attached to our bedroom. This will help alleviate boundaries issues while we keep our eye on the housing market. I explained how I can't afford this neighborhood and while I would like to be 50/50 in ownership that isn't possible. He knows I cannot do that. I told him I would be open to somehow making a future "ours" house 25% mine and 75% his in case of a split. This will be something that evolves over time based on the housing market and what and when homes become available in the neighborhood. The seed has been planted, though, and it went well. Thank you all for helping me accept that it's ok that I cannot keep up with his income and buying power.
Next Stop: Marriage
SO and I have been discussing marriage formally. It's a long story, but he's nervous to get married again so we're going through a pre-marriage/engagement workbook to facilitate discussion to alleviate his worries and he's working through his personal stuff with his therapist. I mentioned the issue around SK7 being the troll under the marriage bridge and he was sad about her stance on it. He had not previously told me that SK7 told him she wouldn't go to the wedding if we got married. Last weekend SK7 asked us again out of the blue if we were getting married. We said we didn't know but maybe someday. SO asked her if she would come if we did, and she got a big smile and said she'd never been to a wedding before. My sister and her kids were visiting so I told her about my sister's wedding and how much fun the kids had. SO asked her what made her change her mind and she said she figured it would happen one day so she better get ready. My words lol! I'm sure it's not the end of it with her, but at least there's hope. I want the day to be a happy one for everybody. Thank you all for giving me the courage to open this conversation with SO.
Today in the workbook we got to the finances section, which is a difficult one for me, hence the house contribution post. We had a productive conversation about worries, comfort levels, and potential future plans. I understand now that he wants to fund things, and he understands that I don't want to be dependent on him. I want our relationship to be based on our love for each other, not based on me needing him to pay for things, me being financially depleted for keeping up with him and thus unable to leave if I need to, or him worried about how much he'll lose if we get divorced.
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2022.01.16 18:19 galacticgoldenboy Indigo Mountain Hemp comprehensive review

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2022.01.16 18:19 stuffdrewdrew I can’t for the life of me catch up to little jacobs helicopter during the final mission

I’ve probably tried at least 20 times and every time I get even kind of close little Jacob lowers his helicopter to the point where it touches the water and then he just fucks off into the sky. Is this a glitch or do I just suck at this game?
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2022.01.16 18:19 lewismcsee The prettiest village I've seen in 1.18

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2022.01.16 18:19 boofonius LAN Campaign Co-op

Is it possible to co-op the campaign on the master chief collection via lan with two computers? Is there any way to play campaign together?
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2022.01.16 18:19 Stoned_n_hungry Is the game still worth getting?

I need a new game to play but I’ve seen all these negative reviews about the connection of this game. Right now the ultimate edition is 29.99 on Xbox is it worth buying or should I pass?
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2022.01.16 18:19 jpr_jpr Jeep push a vehicle software update this week?

Gremlins have found their way into my Cherokee KL. The last time this happened, I suspected and discovered it to be true that Jeep updated my vehicle with software that screwed up my tow package. This time different key fobs don't work that were both fine last week, remote start doesn't work, and a throttle control warning light pops up. Ugh. Any others having this issue?
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2022.01.16 18:19 trygdfgdf SAFU project launch the next week | Look into this project | Liquidity locked 2 years! | Join telegram and check it

Polar Information
Here’s some information about the $POLAR Token.
Sale is on 3 days, 2022 23:00 UTC
We are hosting our Fairlaunch on PancakeSwap V2 (PUBLIC SALE)
Max Buy is 0.5 BNB at start.
Min Buy is 0.1 BNB at start.
Liquidity locked.
Sale Rate 1 BNB = 620.000.000.000
The official Pancakeswap launch time will be decided in a few days, we are working on growt our community.
The Tokenomics are:
50% Public Fairlaunch (Hosted on PANCAKESWAP)
2.5% NFT Creation (Details in our website)
40% Burn (To pump the Marketcap)
2.5% Team wallet (Locked & Vesting period untill 27th Dec)
5% Airdrop (To increase holders amount and awareness in social media)
📄 Here’s our Contract address : Find on tg
Yes, dev is planning to reveal his identity and complete KYC.
Dev is from Europe and will be with you on voice chats everyday before the sale to answer all of your questions. Also, we will be having a strong moderation team, that will take care of the community by monitoring chat, hosting VCs etc.
What's the plan after launching?
Its all about MARKETING and getting Listed on CMC & CG and the DEXTOOLS trending. We got that sorted, expecting to get listed on the same day on CG & CMC or not more than 48 hours alongside with DEXTOOL trending.
What's after getting listed on CMC & CG?
After listing on CMC & CG, we will start developing NFT Collection, where holders will be able to participate as whitelisted contributers.
Speaking of marketing, we will still be getting awareness all across crypto space in social media by implementing influencers promotion, YouTube videos, Banner ads etc.
We are happy to announce that our smart contract will be created with the Pinksale Token aggregator 🌸 It means, that the contract is SAFU, Rug-proof and is safe to use and maintain.
For more information Tg: https://t.me/PolarCommunityBSC
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2022.01.16 18:19 Yektaa_a making a lvl 6 sorlock need opinion.

hello, I'm joining a campaign at lvl 6 n i wanna try a sorlock which is always traveling n changing identities. basically being a mercenary getting payed by everyone n doing their jobs with trickery. I'll put the character sheet in comments it's not complete - especially the spells chosen part but still, i wanna see what yall think.

Ty for ur aid.
character sheet
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2022.01.16 18:19 clothing_throwaway Trimming hanging ivy and/or pothos?

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2022.01.16 18:19 hann1283 Black bag drop?

Hi guys! This might be a dumb question, but was anyone able to purchase a black bag today? I got on the site around 12:02 est and it just said “coming soon.” I’ve checked throughout the day too and it says the same thing - did it sell out and i missed it? Or did it not drop yet?
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2022.01.16 18:19 ARTOFASOIAF [NO SPOILERS] Daenerys by Elenyaart

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