Help with my type.

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2022.01.16 18:23 Rose923 Help with my type.

I am a 19 year old female. I am a very private person but I’ll try to share about myself. Some descriptions I have been called by family, friends, and/or teachers: accepting, anxious, eccentric, goofy, gossip, helpful, knowledgeable, loyal, nice, reserved, sarcastic, and shy.
I don't like authority or those who lead. I find most people in leadership positions are inefficient and hypocrites which is irritating. I prefer working alone so I don't have to worry about or count on others. Even though I don't like authority, I still follow what they say as disagreeing makes me anxious, but I would resent them internally.
I care about efficiency, and always thinking about how things could be more efficient. But I am a thinker, not a doer, I wouldn't know how to implement the steps to achieve efficiency.
I definitely am an introvert. I like my independence and having time alone as I become overwhelmed when I am in social interactions. But I also get lonely afterwhile and like being around others, but again I get overwhelmed as it takes a-lot for me to socialize. I don't know how to hold a conversation.
I daydream often and would say I am a maladaptive daydreamer. I dissociate to spend time in my head. I daydream mostly about fake scenarios such as being a spy, or famous, or a character in a book or movie. I also am pretty idealistic. I idealize others and create scenarios about them, mostly about becoming friends with them.
I try to keep the harmony between others and myself. I can get overwhelmed when others are upset with me, so I try to not do anything wrong and/or fix things.
I enjoy helping others, and volunteer often. I have volunteered with my city, church, and school. I believe we are all human so we need to help those who don't have it as well. My friends come to me for advice often as I am usually the go-getter.
I crave excitement such as exploring and having adventures. I want to explore the world. I see so many people such as friends, family, and even strangers having fun, exciting, and courageous adventures that I get envious. All my life I have been a rule follower and someone who never left their comfort zone. Now I want excitement and have so many regrets that I am in college and haven't done anything.
Even though I want to have new exciting experiences and adventures I get nervous about new things. What can I say… I like the familiar. Whenever I need to do something new I always exacerbate the situation, but in the end I usually have a good time.
I can be manipulative, an instigator, gossip, and a devil’s advocate. I enjoy causing chaos. It's well known in my family that I am an instigator, I just enjoy saying things and poking at others until I get a reaction out of them. I also enjoy arguing for fun. I see it as intellectual sparring. I am pretty shy and observant so I watch family, friends, and classmates often to see what I can do to get a reaction. I also eavesdrop on others, and gossip with my friends which annoys them.
One of my favorite hobbies is writing. But I have mixed feelings about it as I like it and want to be an author, but I never actually write. I feel I am romanticizing a career as an author more than I should. But I like writing poetry, as I like being able to write pieces of work that makes others feel and think differently about the world.
I am a creature of habit and enjoy routines/plans. I follow a set routine daily. But I rarely follow it to a tee. I usually do what I want whenever, but I get annoyed with others when they mess up my routine.
I am very curious and philosophical. I enjoy thinking and researching about different ideas. I believe in enlightenment - both spiritually and intellectually. I am mostly into philosophy and psychology. I enjoy thinking about the universe, theology, and ethics. I find ethics the most interesting. I also enjoy learning about consciousness and why others act the way they do.
Some of my hobbies are reading, walking, watching tv, games, and spending time with family. I enjoy reading as I like how I can escape to another world. I spend most of my time walking in nature alone with my thoughts. I watch a-lot of tv. But I repeat the same shows as they are familiar. I enjoy playing games such as chess or cards, as I like being strategic and logical. I also spend the majority of my time with my family, and become depressed when I'm not with them.
I have had a few friends my entire life. I had two best friends between the ages of 5-12 and we did everything together. But later on I just had friends. I am someone that hangs with them, then goes and does my own thing for weeks to months without any interaction.
When it comes to my emotions, I rarely know how I truly feel. It seems my emotions can change every second for no reason. I also have trust issues so I am a very private person, also physical/intimate situations make me uncomfortable. But I wish I could finally meet someone I could trust and open up to. For some reason whenever others try to get close and get to know me, I get uncomfortable/anxious and feel the need to flee, so I have never gotten close to anyone, even family.
I had a pretty good childhood, can't complain. I grew up catholic. All of my life I have been a questioner, so I questioned my faith, but I still am religious. I had some structure growing up. My parents wanted the best from me, so nothing short of A’s was praised.
Whenever things happen I always try to look at the meaning and future implications of it. Such as what effects could it have later on and what the situation truly means.
I get envious of those who are in the spotlight. Though I am an anxious, shy introvert, I get envious of those who are in the center of attention or get noticed by others and wish I was. Such as when others compliment someone, I get jealous they haven't complimented me.
One thing I need in life - other than family - is independence and freedom. I crave autonomy and freedom in my life to do what I want when I want. As of now I feel my family and society are controlling what I do which irritates me. I also crave to find my purpose and vocation. I feel we are all meant to do something, but I don't know what that is for me.
I can be pretty nostalgic and reminisce about the past, but not always for good reasons. I like thinking about good memories, but I also think about all the mistakes I have made. I also often think of past conversations or arguments, and wonder what I should have said differently. I have many regrets, as well so I think about those and how I wish I could have done more.
I enjoy imagining the future. I am always thinking about what I hope to achieve in the future. I find the future is made up of many unknowns which is both exciting to figure out and unnerving. I think about the future so much I feel like I am rushing through life, never in the moment. Such as when I was in junior high I couldn't wait for high school, once I stepped foot in high school I was already tired of it wanted to go to college, now I have mix feelings of wanting to graduate college and start my career, but also wanting to redo high school as I didn’t have the high school experience.
I am a very indecisive person. I always have a hard time making decisions and being 100% okay with them. Whenever I have a decision I need to make, I always try to look at it logistically first such as pros and cons. But I always end up going with what I feel is right. I also make decisions alone, as I don't like asking for help. Everytime I have made a decision I always look back to see what would have happened if I had chosen differently
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Help with additional on/off switch on induction circuit Hey,
I want to include an additional on/of switch with this circuit for the induction heater.
ATM this circuit is meant only to use momentary shitsh, but I wold like to have additiuonal on/off switsh to handle input power.
Any good soul, which can complete the desired circuit?
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2022.01.16 18:23 hebdhbedhewkwnnwnsn Chance me for business T50 (NYU, CMU, GT, NW...) I'd appreciate it, I'm really stressing out about this lol. Still have top European schools that have accepted me, but I'd love to go to the US

Gender: Male
Race/ethnicity: White
From France
Type of school: Private, ranked number 1 school in France
No Hook, but I traveled the world for a year with my family to do volunteering (7th grade), so maybe this qualifies as a hook?
Intended Major(s): Business
SAT: 800M, 710EW, 1510 Total
UW/W GPA: 3.77
Coursework: IB, 38/45
HL: Math AA 4, English 6, French 7
SL: Chemistry 6, Biology 6, History 6
Awards: IGCSE

  1. Published Research study about baobab preservation
  2. Business around the baobab's fruit
  3. Founder of Club
  4. Music Production and sales
  5. President of Virtual Investment Club
  6. Intern/Researcher at University
  7. UPenn Summer Program
  8. Stanford Summer Program
  9. Chess Player, 1600s on
Rest isn't worth mentioning
Essays/LORs/Other: Very strong essays, I think, and Letters of Rec are going to be decent
ED1 Cornell - Rejected
ED2 CMU - Still waiting on an answer
GEORGETOWN (10/10 Interview, she seemed to really like me and my profile)
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Hello all, I have a driving test scheduled for tomorrow morning and I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it will be cancelled. I booked this spot back in April when this was the earliest I could get. Now I'm wondering if it will be cancelled and what that would look like. Will they call me? do I call them tomorrow (they're closed today? will they book me another spot? Any help/advice would be awesome.
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