2021.11.29 06:41 dianses Masterpiece

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2021.11.29 06:41 Mikiraus TokyoGhoul - Glitch [4K Edit]

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2021.11.29 06:41 congratsonyournap It’s our city now. Above Times Square. c. driftershoots

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2021.11.29 06:41 alldayblack Trying to improve on my melodies/loops, but how?

Hey guys,
so I've started making beats a year ago but my problem is that I really suck at making my own melodies/loops. I can cut samples a bit but I actually want to learn to write my own melodies, fitting to the ideas I have. Is there a place where I could improve on that (aside from YT-vids like ,,How to make better melodies with this technique" or whatever)? I did learn basic music theory a bit but it doesn't really help for me. Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.29 06:41 PARAM1694 Share your stories!

How were the starting days of your no fap and how were in middle and how they are now?
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2021.11.29 06:41 DopaDapa 24 [M4F] USA - Very unique and original, very cool

Chinese-American born and raised in California who is working in biotech. I'm 5'9" and 190 lbs. I want to lose weight so it'd be cool if I could find a workout buddy or even someone to encourage me. I'm currently more nocturnal due to my job. I prefer someone who's relatively close to me but more importantly, I'd like someone who shares some interests with me so it'd be easier to get closer and then we can overcome the distance later. So let's get going with those interests now!

Anime/Manga (✿◠‿◠):
Some other stuff I like:
Sorry if that was a lot. It felt like a lot. But if you're interested and we have stuff in common don't be afraid to say hi! I'm also down to exchange pictures if you want since I think physical attraction is at least somewhat important. Also down with exchanging Discords since it's easier to talk there. Looking forward to meet you!
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2021.11.29 06:41 SeaHistorical Graduation guest #

While I recognise there is a lot unknown about May graduation especially with the new variant, but as of right now how many guests are spring graduates allowed to bring? Is there a process for getting more passes?
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2021.11.29 06:41 JohnyyBanana Sometimes, I like being told to ''be a man''.

Toxic masculinity is a very real and bad thing. I grew up being taller and bigger than kids my age so i often heard things like ''man up'' and ''men dont act like this'' and so on, and eventually i did go through depression in my early 20s. However, there's some times where being told to ''be a man'' is actually a good and motivating piece of advice. I am a man, I am freaking strong and I am capable and I wont let this stupid thing that i have to do to cause me anxiety and ruin my mood. I often find myself telling myself to man up and it helps when i do. Its only bad when other people say it at the wrong time with the wrong tone.
I also feel that it might be similar for women when they do woman things like dressing up nicely and putting on make up and so on.
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2021.11.29 06:41 Bratster22 Omicron: ‘A blessing in the sky’

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2021.11.29 06:41 ryanribeiro07042002 TMUA RESULTS??

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2021.11.29 06:41 RaiiDzz 211129 - Ruiqi Fate Dance Cover Teaser Poster

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2021.11.29 06:41 middleeast11111 Visa overstay interview

My friend recently applied for a fine reduction due to overstaying her tourist visa due to the pandemic and other circumstances around that
After applying for a discount, she was told she would receive a notification to go and pay - but instead they’ve called her back for an interview?
They said after the interview then they can process the fine. Has anyone heard of this? I haven’t and cannot think to advise what she should expect or anything she should take along such as supporting documents?
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2021.11.29 06:41 LV_Matterhorn [211129] Yuju - To Your Side (orig. Jo Sung Mo) Music Clip Shooting Sketch (Cyworld BGM 2021)

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2021.11.29 06:41 andrebomtempo What cards to keep and how to have a decent card pool collection?

Hello all,
I recently started in the game and I can say that I am really enjoying play/collecting it.
I wanted to ask for your opinion on something and I know that this will vary a lot, but might be helpful for me and maybe for others as well.
My main question is: after opening boosters/boxes/decks, how do you decided what cards to keep in your collection and what you don't want?
So far I have bought the 3 blitz decks from ELE and 2 booster boxes (ELE and ARC). I have built 6 blitz decks (Lexi, Briar, Oldhim, Dash, Viserai and Kano) using only the cards I pulled.
My main concern is that if I just keep buying more boosters every new set, I will either have a crazy amount of decks or just a crazy amount of random cards not being used.
I want to have a few decks even if they are not amazing because I often play boardgames with a group of friends, so its nice to have a few decks just so each gets one and we all play, but I also would like to maybe focus on a couple that I really like.
From past experience with MTG, what ended up happening was that at a given point I have several thousand cards and honestly didn't really know what to do with them. I ended up keeping around 200 on a binder, that I know were valuable and/or I really liked the art and sold all the rest as a lot on ebay.
I wanted to give a different approach for this game and have a shorter but more useful collection.
Just to be clear, I don't want to play competitively and I really like the experience of opening boosters (probably will buy 1 box every set), so "choosing a deck and just buying the singles" is not an option for me personally. My idea is to buy a box each set and improve what I can using those cards.
Should I focus on 1 or 2 classes and get rid of everything else?
I have always been more of a collector than a player, so the collector ( side of me just wants to keep everything and collect them all, but I know that I will not have complete sets and at some point I will just have too many cards and no real use for them.
I would love to know your opinion and how do you approach this. Do you keep everything? Do you have favourite heroes/classes and just keep those ones? Do you only buy the singles you want?
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2021.11.29 06:41 Mikiraus TokyoGhoul - Glitch [4K Edit]

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2021.11.29 06:41 see-my-username Car hits bike, car took a turn, it was bikers right of passage

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2021.11.29 06:41 Tesla0713 We've got your back.

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2021.11.29 06:41 Soguyswedid_it2 Pietre or something idk I haven't watched utopia

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2021.11.29 06:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews -

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2021.11.29 06:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews -

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2021.11.29 06:41 WaCoug131 Will there be another Ranked Season?

According to main RS screen the current season expires on Monday, but there is no mention in the most recent schedule update (goes through Dec. 10). Do you think this was an SDS oversight/a new RS is still planned, or is there a real chance that’s a wrap?
View Poll
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2021.11.29 06:41 Maofead Starships from Expedition 1. Golden Vector looks much better than Honmatan 0Q5, but unfortunately has weaker core stats. I'd rather keep Honmatan 0Q5 for later play than Golden Vector. It's worth playing Expedition 1, there's still a week to play. I encourage you.

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2021.11.29 06:41 jimmybino7 How to get over the fear of never finding someone as good as your ex.

My ex (26f) broke up with me (23m) this week after 3 years together. 19 months of which was a long distance relationship due to her doing 2 years extra university than me. I thought things were going well and she broke up with me out of the blue (but evidently it wasn’t out of the blue). She says she’s 100% sure she’s made the right decision and that she used to be able to see a future with me (a house, marriage, children) but can no longer see it. Even though she says she can’t see further than a week ahead anymore in life so I doubt she could see that far ahead anyways. She has recently suffered a loss and is living our of a suitcase and struggling massively in life in her last year of uni, constantly exhausted and tired (I’m worried she’s going to have a big breakdown but I’m sure she’s strong enough). She debated even quitting her degree which she’s worked 8 years towards and wanted since she was 5, so she doesn’t seem in the best head space. However, I have accepted she wants to break up and she will not come back as she has stated. I am now giving her what she wants and I don’t believe there’s a chance of her coming back, which hurts massively but it is what it is.
I’m now taking this time to work on me and my anxiety. It was my first relationship and I look back and I made a lot of mistakes through sheer immaturity (as did she). The big thing is when we met I was depressed and had lots of family issues (parents and sibling suicidal and having to spend many nights preventing themselves from killing themselves and calling the police unfortunately). I opened up to my girlfriend about this and when I drank around her I would take it out on her in an unacceptable way (not physical). That was at the start and I made steps to change it and worked hard at it. However for the past 2 years you could tell she couldn’t get over it and it tainted what we had (not her fault).
She said she can’t get over it no matter how much she tries and I’ve said neither of us should have asked her to and I’m so sorry for what I did. She said it hasn’t damaged her as a person and wasn’t abuse but it damaged us, which I accept. I’m now taking time to work on myself and ensure I love myself and gain self-worth before embarking on another relationship because I regret I didn’t before I met her, I wasn’t looking for a relationship I just fell for her.
The thing I’m really struggling with is that she’s the best I’ll ever find and I won’t be able to move on. I feel so guilty about some of the stuff I did/said and I don’t think I’m able to forgive myself (I know it wasn’t as extreme as making out I’m just extremely self-critical). I just feel like I lost the “one” and wish I had met her now instead where I’m capable of having a mature relationship. She wasn’t perfect but she was everything I wanted and I’m scared that’ll I’ll never feel the same way about someone/meet someone as good as her.
I’m struggling. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed. I’m alone.
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2021.11.29 06:41 brulnlnln Anyone want my free award

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2021.11.29 06:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews -

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