Happy Hanukkah

2021.11.29 06:00 General-Contract-321 Happy Hanukkah

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2021.11.29 06:00 some1tbd Seeking Revenge and See No Alternatives

So in every article I've read so far about revenge on an ex, it says the ultimate revenge is to live well. I definitely see this working in a scenario that you see your ex on an occasional basis, but it has no benefit in relationships where you don't plan to see each other ever again. I believe society works by understanding the impact of our actions, eg. if someone steals from the store and never gets caught, why would they ever stop?
The best plan I came up with in my head is to purchase a sheet cake with "Fuck You ___" handwritten on it by me and deliver it to his apartment for his birthday. It's very likely his roommates would notice the large cake which would be ideal. I would include a brief note / card saying "All I needed was closure. Not to be left on sent. Next time Andrew, don't be a coward - just block me. Happy Birthday," which seems fairly to the point. I don't plan/foresee on communicating with him or his friends again. Thanks for recs!
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2021.11.29 06:00 pewdsbitchlasagna Tom really brings the best out in people, taught Greg how to use his cake batter against Kendall

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2021.11.29 06:00 The_Unknown44 Is it true that the Philippine Hokkien variant is hard or difficult to understand by other Hokkien variant speakers?

I was in singapore a year ago and the man with us started speaking to us in hokkien and i never realized that he was speaking a whole new variant. I just thought it was the same but apparently my friends said that Philippine hokkien is hard to understand compared to Singaporean Hokkien or Taiwanese, because there are some words that are retained in PH hokkien but taken out in TW and SP Hokkien.
-Taiwanese hokkien to me feels high pitched or more "uah/wah" sounds, also found out that the "L" is "D" in Philippine hokkien. -Singaporean Hokkien to me sounds slangy like it has a lot of compressed words, like they are in a hurry. -Philippine Hokkien to me sounds the calmest most of the time (unless im listening to my xian si, that felt like verbal abuse on my classmate:)
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2021.11.29 06:00 johnrock001 Best Anime Cat Girl Of All Time - Anime Cat Girl List

Best Anime Cat Girl Of All Time - Anime Cat Girl List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-cat-girl/
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2021.11.29 06:00 elmothrtroll Playing fog of war as myself

Okay so I own fog of war & have had tons of fun with it. However, I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried playing the game with their real life persona instead of a fictional character. I understand that the game is ment to be a random fictional character but it sounds like it'd be a lot of fun to role play as yourself.
Basically my question is have you ever played fog of war with your own identity and if so how'd you adjust the game to do so?
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2021.11.29 06:00 Nidal89 Is upgrading my GPU only enough or do I need to change other parts ?

So I have had my build for 6 years now and looking to upgrade my 1060 to a 3060ti or a 3070 ( when any of them are available that is in the next decade ) but I wanted to know if upgrading my gpu only is enough or do I need to change other components too in order for it to run propery and not fry my PC ?
Build: Cpu: intel core i7 6700k Motherboard: Asus Z170 Memory: Corsair vengeance lpx 16 ddr4 3200
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2021.11.29 06:00 Shoddy_Department387 Missed #SHIBA? | Don't miss $ShibArmy ๐Ÿ• - Successfully Launched 1 hour ago |SHIB Rewards ๐Ÿ”ฅ |๐ŸŸขPUMP Incoming ! Perfect time enter !

Did you miss out on $SHIB? Here is your Chance! #SHIBARMY is a trendy project on #BSC that pays you 8% out of each trade distributed in $SHIB tokens! Successfully Launched 1 hour ago!
We think everyone deserve some free cryptos in these times, $SHIBARMY has got you covered! HODL $SHIBARMY for more profit, and earn free $SHIB (Shiba Inu) while you HODL!
Come take a look at $Shibarmy its flying to the moon soon , If you are looking for moonshots you better give $SHIBARMY a shot , The token is on discount now this is the best time to get in .
๐ŸŒŸ Fasttrack CG & CMC + Dextools trending when requirements are met ๐ŸŒŸ
$SHIBARMY team's goal is to create safe place for our community to hang out and feel safe while earning SHIB rewards.
We are ready to take this coin to the next level.
Now let's take a look at the Tokenomics!
๐Ÿฆฎ 8% SHIB reflection
๐Ÿถ 1% Liquidity Pool tax
๐Ÿคณ๐Ÿป 1% Marketing tax
๐Ÿถ Total supply: 1B
๐Ÿ”’ The LP is locked for 36 Months,
๐Ÿ™‹ Slippage: 10-12%
๐Ÿ’Ž Upcoming activities :
Whitepaper publication;
Collaborazioni con youtuber famosi;
Farming parntership
CG listing;
CMC listing.
๐Ÿ“ CONTRACT: 0xdd4febeaac2ee8a3e4c291158e9dea79a744e9c3
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LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4454dB082bAE68495f85d6ccbae1D8e04C159DC3
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Get in before it's too late!
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2021.11.29 06:00 Solfaroiy โšก Wanamoon BSC Token | โšก Launching Now on BSC | $40k Jackpot Draw Today | Unique Tokenomics | Active Community in Telegram | Don't Miss This x100 Potential Gem


WANAMOON is a new token that rewards holders and new buyers with the opportunity to be entered in to a weekly JACKPOT draws! 50% of the jackpot goes to one holder paid in BUSD. The other 50% will be used to buy one of the hottest meme token of the week and distributed proportionately to qualified holders. You goto be in it to win it! Initially launching on BSC Blockchain, Wana Moon will then rapidly expand to other blockchains including ETH very soon!

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C

TL;DR โš™๏ธ
โƒ Weekly Jackpot Token, first draw takes place
โƒ WanaMoon Contract Fully Audited by SolidProof
โƒ Team Fully Doxxed & KYC Verified
โƒ Liquidity will be locked
โƒ Full Dapp Release on Launch to track Jackpot Entires and Total Worth
โƒ Full Detailed aggressive marketing plan
โƒ BIG Token Partnerships in talks
โƒ Team with a detailed roadmap plan of execution

โƒ 1% reflection to all holders
โƒ 2% Weekly jackpot
โƒ 3% Buyback and auto liquify
โƒ 4% Marketing

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C
โœจPinksale Locked


โ›“๏ธ Website: https://wanamoon.in/
โœ‰๏ธ Telegram: https://t.me/WanaMoonOfficial
โšฝ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WanaMoonOffical
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2021.11.29 06:00 Standard_Reason1 ุฃูˆู‘ูŽู„ู ู…ูŽุง ูŠูู‚ู’ุถูŽู‰ ุจูŽูŠู’ู†ูŽ ุงู„ู†ู‘ูŽุงุณู ูŠูˆู…ูŽ ุงู„ู‚ููŠุงู…ูŽุฉู ููŠ ุงู„ุฏู‘ูู…ุงุกู

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2021.11.29 06:00 ArpanRoychowdhury Home insurance is a special sort of property insurance that covers your home from various types of risks like mishaps, hazards harms, and robberies. You can decide to purchase a home insurance plan for a specified residency, and it will be successful just for that residency. Visit to know more.

Home insurance is a special sort of property insurance that covers your home from various types of risks like mishaps, hazards harms, and robberies. You can decide to purchase a home insurance plan for a specified residency, and it will be successful just for that residency. Visit to know more. submitted by ArpanRoychowdhury to indianrealestate [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 06:00 A_gamer_Ring Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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2021.11.29 06:00 johnrock001 Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations

Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-witch-anime-recommendations/
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2021.11.29 06:00 mysterylukey Don't ask me for the sus sauce please :|

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2021.11.29 06:00 GODwOROSEOSTic ๐ŸงฌMeta Shiba - Gem X100 Today ๐Ÿงฌ | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes ๐Ÿงฌ Ready to Moon hard | ๐Ÿ”ฅ Small MC ๐Ÿ”ฅ | Marketing More Later Today!

๐ŸงฌMeta Shiba - Gem X100 Today ๐Ÿงฌ | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes ๐Ÿงฌ Ready to Moon hard | ๐Ÿ”ฅ Small MC ๐Ÿ”ฅ | Marketing More Later Today!

๐Ÿงฌ Telegram: https://t.me/MetaShibaCoin

๐Ÿงฌ Contract : 0x7b0d473446babdfa4b932fcfccc64f9bbce20e3b

๐Ÿงฌ Buy : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x7b0d473446babdfa4b932fcfccc64f9bbce20e3b

๐Ÿงฌ At the start of the plans are to grow a very strong and stable community through the use of Telegram and Reddit. Some paid promotion is in the works and hopefully the community can also band together to help the token out!

๐Ÿงฌ For the remainder of we will be working hard on getting everything developed, including; Discord server, Facebook, Instagram, a subreddit, and a youtube channel for informational videos on how to keep your assets safe. We will also be doing some marketing to help get more people on board, during this time period we plan on getting listed on CoinGecko and CMC. We will be exploring different possible use cases in this time period as well. We will be bringing in devs to help with future projects.

๐Ÿงฌ During we will be focused on marketing, and partnerships. We will be exploring many different use cases for our token. We will start looking into ways to promote our token use. We will also be looking for more people to bring onto the team, i.e devs, graphics designers, marketers.

๐Ÿงฌ During we will start development on tools to help flag risky tokens. Also potentially scan contracts that do not comply to best practices. This comes with the beta launch of the Exchange Platform!



๐ŸงฌTotal supply:

๐Ÿงฌ Tax Low



๐Ÿงฌ 20K (Coinsniper Frist Page Boost, Gemhunter First Page Boost , CoinHunt Application) ๐ŸŸข

๐Ÿงฌ 25K (1 CMS Post Per Hour + 1 Random Hot Trend CMS) ๐ŸŸข

๐Ÿงฌ 30K (Twitter Influence on our road - Messiah!) ๐ŸŸข

๐Ÿงฌ 100K (Application & Listing on CoinGecko) ๐ŸŸข

๐Ÿงฌ 150K (Dextools top 3 Trend) ๐ŸŸข

๐Ÿงฌ 200K (Poocoin ADS) ๐ŸŸข

๐Ÿงฌ 250K (Application & Listing on CoinMarketCap) ๐ŸŸข



๐ŸŒ Official Links

๐ŸŒ Telegram: https://t.me/MetaShibaCoin
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2021.11.29 06:00 ChronicOption98-OG Infinite Ikea Roger - American Dad

S7E13 of American Dad, Roger the Alien mentions being late because he couldn't find his way out of IKEA. Maybe Roger got caught in 3008, but since he's an alien/anomaly himself, he was able to leave as if it were a normal IKEA. ๐Ÿค”
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2021.11.29 06:00 SoppySmith Abobe is LITERALLY a scam company

There's NO ability to cancel my subscription on their website, and if I call they just transfer me around (10 times last time, until I started swearing and they hung up).
Wow. Just wow.
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2021.11.29 06:00 Tauna Posting MSF Memes Until We Get More Gold (or Gambit) [Day 32]

I've been quite unwell/busy lately, but let's light this thing up
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2021.11.29 06:00 bananeyfish Half and half still safe?

I made a latte with half and half (ran out of milk) earlier and I forgot about it until now. It's been out for about 9 hours, but not more than 12. Is it safe to drink? I don't want to throw it out :(
Also sorry if this isn't quite community appropriate, I'm not sure where to go for this.
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2021.11.29 06:00 endtapes 211129 Stray Kids - Christmas EveL

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2021.11.29 06:00 Humble_World708 Dreamstatelive With Goddess Herself @hayleytothemax

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2021.11.29 06:00 throwaway9765436 people hear me out: doesn't this sound like the weeknd?

it's the spongebob spongebob patrick patrick song
(i put meme as the flair but i'm serious... im not actually a fan so i want to hear your opinions i sent this to a guy i know who is a stan and he wasn't too happy lol)
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2021.11.29 06:00 IdiotGirlRomantic How to deal with insecurities in a new relationship and not jump into old patterns of my last?

I'm (28 F) all of a sudden feeling insecure about my relationship (30M).
So a couple months ago (August) I started dating an ex of mine. (dated in highschool and broke up because I moved away). We bumped into each other at an event we both attended and so far everything has been great and it's been the most healthy relationship I've had (ended a toxic relationship of 8years in March and have not had a really stable life).
Things have been going great and we get along so well, we like some of the same things and have our differences. Things have also been a little rushed though and we have little time to go on proper dates due to my work schedule and me having a child , but we hang out all the time as he's been helping me with aspects of my personal life and he's great with my daughter (he works with children) and he helps me around the house. He's someone I feel in my gut I can trust and has been very helpful and understanding of my situation.
I've just been feeling so overwhelmed about a lot of things in my life and I feel so insecure about the relationship all of a sudden. I have these thoughts in my head that are kind of stupid. One insecurity, before we started dating he described his dream girl and he basically described this girl that goes to the events we went to. And it's now all of a sudden worried me that he liked someone else before we started dating but at the same time I think why does it matter because he decided to persue me and he's dating me.
And I know he wouldn't go for another girl while dating me but due to things that happened in my last relationship where I was made to feel like I had to compete with other females I just feel a little scared and insecure all of a sudden. Because of these insecurities I even snooped his FB messages. And I promised myself o wouldn't do that in this relationship. I'm scared to reverting into old patterns and insecurities of my last.
I really like this guy, he feels like home. He makes me feel calm and a little less anxious when I'm with him. He looks after me when I'm not feeling well he's basically every I want in a partner. But all of a sudden I feel weird. Could this be self sabotaging or something? I've never had a real healthy relationship. I keep looking out sor something to hearing and it hasn't.
What do I do to help me not feel this way?
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2021.11.29 06:00 sepeliseppo Blursed tarzan toy

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2021.11.29 06:00 johnrock001 What is Loli

What is Loli
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