Riot police pepper spraying a firefighter, Paris

2021.11.29 06:46 nalungkotiz Riot police pepper spraying a firefighter, Paris

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2021.11.29 06:46 Drykal Any tips/ideas? :)

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2021.11.29 06:46 WisePotato37 Is Antonio simply overrated?

Before you kill me, let me share this small stat I just discovered (hope I got all the numbers right):

Over the past 13 GWs Vardy, Dennis, ASM, Jimenez, Toney, Jesus, King, Pukki, Benteke, Ronaldo, Armstrong, Hwang, Auba, Watkins, Edouard, Kane and Rodrigo have all outscored Antonio's 25 points.
I owned him through all that period and still do so I'm obviously salty but he is still, by far, the most owned forward in the game. You can check all the underlying stats and eye tests you want but that doesn't change the fact that his record is absolutely awful, apart from 3 gameweeks.
Like imagine if this was Richarlison, he could have easily gotten big hauls in 3 GWs then gone back to being useless and no one would be falling for him (I absolutely know Antonio is a much much better player than Richarlison but I'm talking FPL strictly).
So why Antonio? What's special about him FPL wise? Can anyone convince me why should we keep him?
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2021.11.29 06:46 bluethecoloris Coalition’s proposed parliamentary calendar has just 10 sitting days in first half of 2022

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2021.11.29 06:46 RomanHouseKeys Cobalion on me 8604 0497 2632

First 5
I will change my code when my box is full.
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2021.11.29 06:46 Glittering_Ganache52 Best shipping line to the UK at the moment?

Since UPS(HK) is down, idk what line to choose. help would be greatly appreciated
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2021.11.29 06:46 Realny_POWD Me irl

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2021.11.29 06:46 ThatsSo-Fetch Had this piercing all my life (17-18) years, haven’t worn earrings for about 10 years but it refuses to close. I was thinking of stacking it but is it too low and stretched for that? Would love advice on closing it or at least making it look nice

Had this piercing all my life (17-18) years, haven’t worn earrings for about 10 years but it refuses to close. I was thinking of stacking it but is it too low and stretched for that? Would love advice on closing it or at least making it look nice submitted by ThatsSo-Fetch to piercing [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 06:46 thewebgirl Marvin - Behavioral psychology-based productivity & to-do app

Marvin is a unique and customizable productivity tool that aims to help you beat procrastination, feel in control of your life and be more productive. Marvin incorporates principles from behavioral psychology. Marvin is specifically designed to help you get your tasks done and not just store them. It is a popular app in the Office & Productivity category.
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2021.11.29 06:46 MrFanzyPantz Makten framför allt

Anklagelser om att vissa partier eller personer ska vara makttokiga är en ganska vanlig anklagelse inom politiken. Oftast är det partier som gör hårda kompromisser med partier långt ifrån dem för att få de röster i plenisalen de behöver.
Efter fick den nuvarande regeringen mest av den kängan. Även Centerpartier och delvis Vänsterpartiet fick också höra att de sålt sina röster (eller frånvaron av motröster) för makten.
Även om jag förstår partiernas agerande så förstår jag även kritiken. Partierna har lovat sina väljare att försöka styra Sverige men har indirekt också lovat väljarna att styra med sin egna politik i så stor mån som möjligt.
Nedan kommer nu lite subjektiv, känslofylld 'analys':
Hur fan kan Ulf Kristersson NU sitta och kritisera Magdalena Andersson för att vara makttokig?
”Det är makten till varje pris”
Han har rätt, men att han säger det måste vara det mest ironiska sen Romson målade om sin båt.
Många har misstänkt att M och SD en dag skulle börja samarbeta men Ulf har både innan och under stora delar av denna mandatperiod hävdat motsatsen. Precis efter han tog över efter Anna Kinberg-Batra:
"Mina värderingar är inte SD:s, jag kommer inte samarbeta, samtala, samverka, samregera med SD"
... och precis innan valet:
"Vi kommer inte att förhandla med Sverigedemokraterna"
Det var inte för ens efter valet som man började arbetet med att närma sig SD. Och nu i slutet av samma mandatperiod har vi alltså fått en budget som arbetats fram av M, KD och SD.
Ulf gör givetvis dubbelt rätt. För att få ihop en borglig regering som skulle kunna få makten i Sverige behövs ett samarbete med SD. Och det kan tolkas som makttokigt av S att samarbeta över blocken för att få till en regering.
Men Uffe är den sista som ska påpeka det.
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2021.11.29 06:46 SwingRipper How the Martials could have won (Martials vs Casters OPEN ARENA BATTLE)

I will be talking about the martial vs caster arena battle that u/the-rules-lawyer ran. Link for uninformed this will include a summary of all of the events and the thoughts behind why the martial side did what we did. I played in this encounter as the fighter so I was there as we formed the strategies (and I want to talk about the event). I noticed how there was another post that went over things from an audience/neutral point of view had a very positive response and I felt like I had some unique insights into the fight and the tactics behind it.
Disclaimer: We all knew going in that this test would not really prove anything one way or the other because the question itself is very silly. Both roles have strengths and weaknesses and are best when supported by the other.
I am going to talk about all the nitty-gritty strategy stuff we did to prepare for this and why things went down the way they did. The overall consensus of the discord server where the event took place before the event was that martial classes would win and it would only take a few rounds, but that very clearly was not the case. The original strategy before the event was to pick a bunch of brawlers and run at the other guy, but that fell apart after one of the players on our team (who was controlling the rogue) pointed out how devastating magic missile was. All sheets and the map were public knowledge and there were no debates over what is considered to be "metagaming". This event really emphasized the G in RPG.
Summary of what happened during the event.
We made our first major mistake at character selection. We picked the ranger prefab... Now when we were drafting for our campy strategy we did not look at the exact prefabs super closely. We noticed how the ranger had no 18s, we did not notice how his only ranged option was a crossbow with LOADING 2 as a FLURRY RANGER. That was on us for not being prepared enough before the fight. The ranger player also had connection issues and lagged away a turn (but the casters also lagged away some turns so it did not affect the final result. Future events like this will have mechanisms in place to prevent that (voice calls)).
For the first few turns, we positioned entirely to avoid magic missiles and attempt to take potshots at range to soften up the casters and possibly burn some spell slots before we go in with melee for the kill. This was our general strategy for the event in a paragraph. There were parts of the map that were in complete darkness, so we decided to automatically use them (despite not being able to gain Undetected by the rules of the format, we knew about that ahead of time).
While we were doing this strategy the pants thing happened. The casters cast light on a crossbow bolt and shot it near the monk to illuminate that area. The monk then undelayed to shove it into his pants. The casters then argued that since his pants are white in the character splash art the light should shine through and reveal the monk's position thus making him concealed instead of hidden... The rules lawyer agreed and the actions were already spent so that damaged our action economy, but it was funny so I don't really mind. The optimal play would have been to throw away the arrow, but ahh whatever.
You can notice in the stream chat that I was mentioning that I think the arena encouraged very campy play by having the sides start very far apart and having all of the best cover (darkness) be on the edges. It is mathematically superior to be standing in pure darkness than behind greater cover especially when casters have spells that can ignore cover (magic missile, daze, etc).
Both sides had their range attacks miss a lot due to cover and the concealed condition and when they would hit they would deal minimal damage of only a few points at a time so that battle of attrition would have just drawn this out and many of us had some stuff to do that day.
So at around 2 hours into the stream, I did a big no-no, I stopped shadow camping and began to approach. I figured that if I could use darkness and close the gap I could get into melee with the casters and deny their spells with Attack of Opportunity, but then their magic missiles and cantrips brought us all down. If we kept on camping, their chip damage would be better than ours because they have a cleric with many uses of heal per day. My logic was that they would win an extended battle of attrition due to that cleric with healing spells while we only had a few elixirs of life. They could have also done the delay + arrow trick to get off held action attacks and things of that nature to nullify our darkness strategy. We were screwed if we waited so I went for the plan with a slim chance of working. I don't believe camping was a valid strategy with the prefabs that we were working with.
The ranger was lagging in the back because of loading, dwarf move speed, lack of actions to get out melee weapons, etc. Again our biggest mistake was selecting the ranger prefab. We did our final charge 3v4 and were blasted apart completely. With several people dying we raised the white flag and conceded the match.
Summary of tactics; I feel this battle was decided at character select, both sides played very optimally (as is shown by how campy it was), but I feel like there were a few things my team needed to do to win.
Team comp optimizations
1) We needed to decide to do all camping or all aggressive. We had some characters that were only good in melee (the monk) and that caused our camping plays to be inefficient. Our camping comp should have focused exclusively on characters with strong ranged attacking options. I don't feel like the pool of characters was deep enough to fully support this strategy and it will have to look down all the healing spells. Due to the pool of characters, I give this a 5-10% chance of working since lucky crits could happen and the bows have deadly and longer range than most spells. This strategy does make for boring TV as well. If we went for this strategy I have a feeling we would be forced to count arrows and then we would lose out in the war of attrition.
2) The other option would have been to rush in as fast as possible with things like barbarian, fighter, etc and simply make them deader than us since magic missile requires 3 actions and they would need 2 actions to take one of us down while we really only need 1 to take them down. But this strategy still does not have the best chance of working since they could take half of us down with spells before picking themselves back up with healing magic. I give this a 34% chance of on this map due to how there are dim areas in the middle and their magic missile users don't have darkvision. 34% is the chance of them missing a magic missile on a concealed target thus being unable to kill 2 or more of us.
3) NEVER PICK THE RANGER PREFAB. (YES IT DESERVES ITS OWN LIST POINT) The crossbow is a massive anti-synergy and it does not have an 18. Dwarf would have been a fine ancestry due to dark vision, but the ranger prefab as a whole is not very... good. As the 5e community says, ranger bad. Having ranger on a comp docks its win rate by about 10% in my opinion. It is not good.
Play optimizations
If we ran in yelling "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" I think that would have been our best chance. We let the casters claim the high ground which allowed them to abuse full cover and the martials don't have very many options at that point. We thought we would be able to attrition out their slots but the walls of the map prevented that strategy from succeeding even though it seemed like it should work. The classical answer for mages is usually "let them run on empty" but that was not the case this time around.
Either way, the event was fun and both sides played well GG to the mage guys you earned it!
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2021.11.29 06:46 Infinityclauds Where you would want to live? / Terraforged, thankyou terraforged comunity for letting me to use thess photos.

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2021.11.29 06:46 _cookie_Dough David Gahan sings Nothing else matters. I'm dead.

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2021.11.29 06:46 sixtymt Posting a Lucifer from my collection day 34 (Sauce in comments)

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2021.11.29 06:46 Hexenkonig707 Call an ambulance but not for me!

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2021.11.29 06:46 Eni_Boci Growing up with tolerant parents be like:

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2021.11.29 06:46 nepalesebaddie ladies tell me I’m not the only one that gets the ick so easily 😭

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2021.11.29 06:46 Bigboybot76 Every song on every album/mixtape is there now on playlist

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2021.11.29 06:46 ivemetu Here is a Drake meme template but with Yu-na Kim for yall to use.

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2021.11.29 06:46 DaBritishBird Found this live recording of Fair Shot at Warsaw in Brooklyn

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2021.11.29 06:46 jambaiter This is pretty accurate.

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2021.11.29 06:46 Rahkshilord96 Idk if anybody else has spoken up about this but … RATSSS

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2021.11.29 06:46 Smooth-Carrot-5044 Any good YouTube tutorials?

Am new to the game and want to learn the ins and outs. If anyone has any recommendations.
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2021.11.29 06:46 HealthAsky If You Have Some Cauliflower and 2 Eggs, DO THIS RECIPE

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2021.11.29 06:46 Pupiuk Has anyone else had myo inositol worsen their symptoms

I’ve tried it twice now and both times it has delayed ovulation and this month I’ve actually had my hair shedding way more than usual- I don’t normally suffer from hair loss at all but i’ve had clumps come out this cycle. I haven’t changed anything else at all. I don’t understand why it would make my symptoms worse- anyone else had this? I’ve also tried lowering the dose. I don’t know whether or not to persevere or just stop altogether
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